Is living in a high rise bad Feng Shui?

Is living in a high rise bad Feng Shui? Obviously this is a hot button because we’ve received numerous emails regarding this question and so many people think living in a high rise is somehow bad Feng Shui.

In Nashville there’s over 170 cranes just in the downtown area. With the appeal of work-life-balance, being able to walk to everything and simplify, high rises offer a lot of appeal to the modern buyer. But what about that Feng Shui energy aspect? In today’s video I talk about high rise Feng Shui, three steps to improve it and why getting the energy right matters!

2 thoughts on “Is living in a high rise bad Feng Shui?”

  1. Sha Chi, or sharp feng shui energy, can also be created inside the building. For example, when a sharp wall angle, called poison arrow, is pointing at your bed, there is a constant emission of attacking energy directed at your body. The feng shui of a T-junction house will tend to be bad and accumulate Sha Chi because of the strong and constant attacking energy directed towards the house.

    1. Isabella,
      Yes in my school we call them knife edges and because of their danger I made them one of my top five disruptors. Check out my YouTube videos. Ive made several about this topic. Thanks so much for your comment!

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