About Energy

My energy modality of choice comes from primordial Feng Shui principles that date back thousands of years. Rooted in sacred Chinese philosophy and ancient Tibetan Bon principles, this is highly guarded information orally handed down from monks, mystics and sages. Feng Shui is not just about organizing or moving furniture despite what our Western culture has manipulated it to become. Rather, this is a quantum tool to better understand why you are experiencing difficulties in your life! A-hem, like the front door you never use that currently harbors stagnant energy, (what we call Chi)

Working in the quantum field is magical and miraculous. With this website I’ll take you on a journey (bring snacks, it’s going to be a long but fun eye opening journey!) into each area of your home and life and together we will take a closer look at what the Feng Shui means, and why it really matters that you are surrounded by Chi that doesn’t support you.

It’s not uncommon to have a sense of feeling stuck, or feel that life is passing you by. You may be doing all the right things except ignoring your Feng Shui and overlooking basic energy principles that most of us have never learned! Together we will dive into the quantum field, learn how to use Feng Shui principles on your own home, and have several A-ha moments on why energy (Chi) is holding you back. I promise after this journey we’ll be best friends. If not you’ll have great energy tools as a consolation prize.

I have found that many of the books on the market around Feng Shui are quite preachy and rooted in fear. And honestly, do we need any more stuff telling us what to do and what to fear? Guilting you or scaring you is not the answer. Instead, I want to teach you that not only can working on the energetic field be fun, but show you, (yes you!), have the very power to create magic in your own life. You don’t need to be told what to do. You already have the keys to unlock everything you need in life, you simply need a guide!

This website was put together for all of you out there who feel totally overwhelmed by your life and don’t know what to do next. Ummmm, hello that was me too! But after twenty years and working under three Feng Shui Grandmasters, I know a thing or two about energy! Together we will look at your energy make up, learn tons about Chi, and discover that all those other external things are merely distractions when you learn the holy grail of energy work!   You’ll have lots of ohhhhhhhhh moments, it’ll be fun I promise.

Either way, this site is going to help you gain clarity and teach you why it all matters, with the help of Feng Shui! And if nothing else you’ll have me as a new friend. Everyone needs a hippie in their life, trust me I know these things, like butter and chocolate they just make life better! So let’s do this!