Detoxing Clutter With Feng Shui is not an organizing book. So if you’re here looking for Japanese organizational tools, sorry you have the wrong book. Rather, this is a tool to better understand why you have clutter in the first place! A-hem, like the stack of mail that’s now taller than your head on the counter.

I’ll take you on a journey (bring snacks, it’s going to be a long one!) into each area of your home and together we will take a closer look at what that area represents in Feng Shui, and why it really matters that you have grandma’s antiques that you don’t really like there.

It’s not uncommon to have a sense of feeling stuck, or feel that life is passing you by. You may be doing all the right things except ignoring your Feng Shui. Together we will dive into a tool called the bagua (bag-wa) map, learn how to use it on your own home, and have several A-ha moments on why your clutter is holding you back. I promise after this journey we’ll be best friends. If not you’ll have a great book as a consolation prize.

Bagua Map

I have found that many of the books on the market around clutter and organization are quite preachy. And honestly, do we need any more crap telling us what to do? Guilting you in a sense to get it together is not the answer. Instead, I want to take you a step further and not only show you why you may be holding onto that thing in the first place, (ummm, it’s a broken hair dryer) but show you how that thing you can’t quite get rid of may be preventing a strong partnership, preventing a kick ass career, stressing your health and more. Wait, what? Is that true? YEP!

Detoxing Clutter With Feng Shui was written for all of you out there that feel totally overwhelmed by your stuff and don’t know what to do with it. Ummmm, hello that was me! Together we will also look at your personal elemental make up so you have a better understanding of why you do things the way you do in the first place. You’ll have lots of ohhhhhhhhh moments, it’ll be fun I promise.

Clutter may be the last thing on your mind. It may not seem an important task – especially when a special of Forest Gump is playing at the vintage theater down the road ( I love that movie!) but it may be the one thing that drives you nuts so you need the right tools to attack it. Hii-yaa! Take that clutter!

Either way, this book is going to help you gain clarity and teach you why it all matters, with the help of Feng Shui! And if nothing else you’ll have me as a new friend. Everyone needs a hippie in their life, trust me I know these things, like butter and chocolate they just make life better! So let’s do this!