Amanda Gates

As a home energy reader, I study floor plan Chi to ensure that it fits the energy alignment of your goals. Once I’ve created the proper alignment, my team and I can then help you and your space heal.

What my team and I can do for you:

  • Read your floor plan to understand how energy flows or doesn’t flow
  • Help you build a space that’s energy aligned with pretty energy adjustments
  • Get you to a point where you truly love your space because it feels good
  • Create a home that literally heals your mind, body, and soul, and rejuvenates you and your family 
  • Give you a life that feels amazing

It’s time to make your home work with you rather than against you.

It’s time that your home did more for you than just look pretty.

It’s time to understand the relationship between you and your home and how that affects your external world. If you don’t feel well, aren’t achieving what you most want in life, or desire for more, than it’s time to look at you and your environment. Your home should support your process and that’s why energy medicine should be added to everyone’s toolbox.

Amanda Gates

What Is Energy Alignment?

My process is simple: Get the energy right and everything else will follow. What makes my team and I different is we want to get the alignment in your home right. We want to get YOUR Chi right as well. Imagine you and your home looking like Charlie Brown’s character, Pigpen. With debris and junk whirling around that “pretty stuff” won’t fix. It is essentially putting lipstick on a pig. Instead, let’s get your energy and your homes energy in pristine shape so that when the “pretty” happens, it up levels every damn thing in your life. Who doesn’t want that?


Amanda is a professionally trained Interior Designer, Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner, energy healer, author, podcast host and award-winning blogger. She has seamlessly married interior design, energy work and Feng Shui together for almost 20 years to help clients achieve spaces that feel as beautiful as they look. 

Amanda attended college in California where she attained her B.S in design and where she began studying Feng Shui. This journey gave her a deeper appreciation for feng shui principles and the true meaning of intentional placement when designing a home. Since college, Amanda has furthered her education in Feng Shui/Energy Design and continues to work under a GrandMaster.

Your home is your sanctuary. Your body is a temple. Want to learn how to immediately start transforming your energy? Get a floor plan reading now!

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