So you may be asking yourself, if Feng Shui can do all these great things in my life, can Feng Shui help me on a job interview? As a matter of fact it can! You have to remember that Feng Shui is about understanding how energy works, and then using it to your advantage to create an optimal life. That means, when utilizing the principles of Feng Shui it can not only help you in many ways around the house, but it can also optimize a job interview!

Recently, one of our clients was going in for a very important job interview and she wanted to know if Feng Shui principles could help. I was so excited to see her expand these ancient principles beyond everyday thinking. Because that’s a sign of cultivated Chi, and cultivated Chi means powerful results.

Together we put together a Feng Shui plan of three techniques and it worked! She applied for the job and after doing these things for a week she landed the job with flying colors. After such astounding results I wanted to share here what we did!

Now remember, one of the key ingredients that made this work was her cultivated Chi. She was excited and pumped about the job and her ability to get it right. If you’re about to enter into a job interview and you are not sure about your Chi, be sure to check out my 13 ways to Immediately Cultivate Your Chi here.

Is living in a high rise bad Feng Shui?

Is living in a high rise bad Feng Shui? Obviously this is a hot button because we’ve received numerous emails regarding this question and so many people think living in a high rise is somehow bad Feng Shui.

In Nashville there’s over 170 cranes just in the downtown area. With the appeal of work-life-balance, being able to walk to everything and simplify, high rises offer a lot of appeal to the modern buyer. But what about that Feng Shui energy aspect? In today’s video I talk about high rise Feng Shui, three steps to improve it and why getting the energy right matters!

Best Crystals to Boost Your Garden

In my opinion, the secret sauce to avoiding garden mishaps and becoming a bonafide green thumb is crystals! Everyone has their “it” thing whether it’s special fertilizer, homemade compost, or a secret watering trick. Personally, I always look to the mystical. As an advanced Feng Shui practitioner I’m highly trained in the transcendental, so it makes sense that I would look to energy as the key principle to healing and growth for my own garden. Whatever your good luck charm is, it becomes the talisman necessary to give you the confidence you need to staying motivated and encouraged; so I say go for it!

For me personally there are many transcendental things I’ve done to enhance my garden. First and foremost, plants are not only energy but they have consciousness, just like you and me, so love on them by naming them and talk to them often. Another thing I do while watering is chant mantras. Sanskrit mantras are sacred sounds with high vibrational frequencies – even if you have a black thumb chanting is something we can all do! Just hop on over to YouTube and type in mantra and you’ll find thousands to choose from! In addition, I enhance my garden sanctuary with the energy of earth itself by using crystals.

Placing crystals in the garden is not only a beautiful addition of eye candy for you, but they send out specific healing energies into your plants that promotes growth, vitality and vibrancy. Because crystals transmit earth energy, your plants react to the nurturing, healing vibrations that crystals emit naturally. Mama Earth gives us so much healing everyday, and that includes our beautiful gardens. Utilizing crystals for your plants is a way that you can give them a little something extra and really show Mama Earth some much needed love. In this special way, you can show your garden respect and honor Mother Nature as a whole.

As you plan out your garden this season, I encourage you to consider adding the spiritual aspect of crystals and the transcendental to promote growth and healing. Even if you have the worst luck with plants and swear you have a black thumb, people will be bragging about your green thumb and beautiful garden. Above are some of my top crystals to consider boosting your garden this season but be sure to check out my other article, 7 healing crystals to boost your garden. Happy Gardening!

Feng Shui for Your Front Door

In chapter two of my book I take a closer look at your front door and what it really means to your home and family. When it comes to good Feng Shui it doesn’t take much to really nail it, and the results are well worth the effort. A few months ago I did a class at the local library on how to Feng Shui your front door and I remember the library coordinator raising an eyebrow as if it wasn’t possible to talk for a full hour on one micro topic. Well it is!

One area of the home that is really important to a homes vitality is the front door. This is the mouth of Chi, where all good energy enters and rejuvenates your home. After I did the class at the library I followed it up with a blog post which you can find here. Today I’m going to focus on the door mat but another key element is the door bell, so be sure yours isn’t in really bad shape!

When it comes to your front door mat you must consider three factors:

  • Is it wider than the door?
  • Is it to scale?
  • Does it look aged?

When it comes to your front door you need to see it with a Feng Shui state of mind. This is where you call in all good energy, so if your space looks run down, guess what, that’s the energy you’re calling in. Another key factor is scale. If your mat is too small you’re literally squeezing your energy to the bone and limiting opportunities. Here are a few examples:


The photo above is a great example of scale being off. The blue door calls in great energy and is inviting, however the two story entry way combined with a very small doormat makes the space feel funny. In addition, the doormat is smaller than the width of the door, making it feel cramped in an otherwise grand space. Confusing for sure and bad for your Ch’i.

In this situation I told the client to get a new mat that was wider than the door, and larger in size to fit the scale of the space. This creates a perfect yin yang space.

Here’s another example:


This is an example of a rug that is the correct scale, however it looks dilapidated! This is my front porch. I bought this rug three years ago and I love it. It was larger than the door and the scale was perfect. Unfortunately, it has seen better days. After cleaning it many times and caring for it, it was time to purchase a new one.

And here is my beautiful door mat!  Pay attention to how your front porch looks. How does your rug look? Is it the right size? Is it pretty and welcoming? If not it’s time for some updating to Feng Shui your front door to boost your Ch’i!