VIP Energy Membership

A circle of like-minded individuals is not a luxury, it is essential to emotional and spiritual health. Our circle is sacred, private and warm. Each month Master healers Amy Wray and Amanda Gates choose a theme to help you raise your Chi and elevate your consciousness. We’ll teach you new ways to define who you truly are. We will teach you how to Care for your Self to elevate your Chi, Educate your Self to raise your consciousness, and Elevate your Self to be your best every damn day.

We have two levels:

The Facebook Group is FREE to join. Contact us here to join.

Elevate YourSelf VIP Membership see below for all that is included.

What’s included in Elevate VIP

  • Monthly Topic Introduction – new area of focus each month that builds from the previous month. These topics will teach you how to raise your vibe and cultivate your Chi
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • (1x per month) LIVE video lesson introduction by Amanda or Amy
  • Occasional Expert Interviews – relevant to the topic that month
  • Ceremonies, Worksheets and educational eBooks released each month focusing on Feng Shui, Chi and Reiki

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